The peaceful Caribbean waters turn to havoc when a cyclone forms causing a commercial passenger plane to crash into the ocean. How will those who were lucky survive?

About This Film

From Mexico’s Master Director of Exploitation – René Cardona Jr.! The peaceful waters of the Caribbean turn chaotic, when a cyclone forces a commercial passenger plane to crash into the ocean. Most of the passengers survive the crash and leave the plane before it sinks. Being picked up by the survivors of a boat wreck in a smaller boat seems “the answer.” Soon things turn from fear to madness – food and water supplies depleting and nothing but shark infested waters for miles cause the situation to look grim. Lost at the sea and losing hope for a rescue, they must decide what to eat to stay alive.

1978 | 100 min | Color | 1.33:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

Special Feature:

  • Exploitation Movie Previews


Andres Garcia, Hugo Stiglitz, Caroll Baker, Arthur Kennedy, Lionel Stander, Mario Almada, Olga Karlatos, Stefania Damario, Rene Cardona III, Milton Rodriguez, Carlos East, Ricardo Carrion, Rene Cardona, Jorge Victoria, Ricardo Noriega

Directed by

Rene Cardona Jr.


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