Action Man Collection

A special collection of 4 action-packed movies: Action Man, Big Game, Peking Blonde and Day of the Wolves

About This Film

ACTION MAN – Sophisticated crook (Robert Stack) talks ex-crook and now respectable business man (Jean Gabin) into one last caper! This highly planned and well executed crime goes off without a hitch until rival bad guys want a piece of the action and kidnap the wife of Gabin. Stack, in order to make things right and bring the couple back together makes the ultimate sacrifice!

1967 | 101 min | Color | 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

DAY OF THE WOLVES – Six highly trained criminals invade a small town intent on cleaning the city out of money. Known only to each other as #’s 1 through 6, with beards, identical clothes, special gloves, and their own missions, they begin the mayhem only to find that the recently fired town sheriff is more than a match for anything they had planned for.

1973 | 92 min | Color | 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

BIG GAME – A top scientist seeks out and hires top military mercenaries for protection. Our scientist has discovered the means by which he can control military personnel and direct them to do his bidding. What are the goals that inspire his motivations?

1972 | 95 min | Color | 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

PEKING BLONDE – Based on the novel by James Hadley Chase, this cold war adventure pits beautiful femme fatales against the worst of the worst.

1967 | 82 min | Color | 1.85:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR


ACTION MAN – Robert Stack,  Jean Gabin, Margaret Lee

DAY OF THE WOLVES – Stephen Boyd, France Nuyen, Ray Millard, Cameron Mitchell

BIG GAME – Edward G. Robinson, Mireille Darc, Claudio Brook

PEKING BLONDE – Richard Egan, Jan Murray, Martha Hyer, Rick Jason

Directed by

ACTION MAN – Kean Delannoy

DAY OF THE WOLVES – Ferde Gordon Jr.

BIG GAME – Robert Day

PEKING BLONDE – Nicolas Gessner

“Action Man Collection”

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