Beyond Atlantis

Fishermen discover a mysterious civilization that may be descendants of the lost continent of Atlantis. These half human, half fish creatures can stay underwater for great lengths of time. This lost tribe needs outsiders for mating and when they capture several fishermen, the adventure begins! Will they live to tell their story?

About This Film

After investigating many islands to the south of the Philippines, local fishermen discover an unknown civilization of people who have pearlized eyes and are able to stay underwater for great lengths of time. All of their important rituals, including love-making, take place on the sea bed. The tribe needs people from the outside world to mate with, so they capture fishermen and the chase begins.

1973 | 91 min | Color | 1.33:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital | All Region | Rated PG

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John Ashley, Patrick Wayne, Gil Arceo, Leight Christian, Vic Diaz

Directed by

Eddie Romero

“Beyond Atlantis”

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