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Carry On Double Feature Vol. 7

This special DVD contains a double dose of hilarity, featuring two of Britain’s outrageous “Carry On’ comedies.

About This Film

CARRY ON ABROAD – A package holiday abroad turns into a hilarious adventure in the hands of the Carry On crew. While on the island of Elsbels, bad plumbing, a restaurant filled with mosquitoes and a dawn chorus of cement mixers, disrupts their stay at the Palace Hotel. This is on top of the inter and extramarital complications and misunderstandings. Will all be well, or will all be hell? Innuendos and gags abound in this classic British romp.

1972 | 92 min | Color | Optional English Subtitles | 1.78:1/16×9 | Dolby Digital 2.0 & Enhanced 5.1 | Region 1 | NR

CARRY ON DICK – It is 1750 and King George has set up the Bow Street Runners to combat the increase in crime. Many highwaymen are captured, but not Dick Turpin (Sidney James), the most notorious of all. He and his accomplices (Barbara Windsor & Peter Butterworth) are in fact disguised as a Rector, his maid and the organ player! Sir Roger Daley (Bernard Bresslaw) is determined to catch them at all costs, but will they escape his grasp?

1974 | 94 min | Color | Optional English Subtitles | 1.66:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital 2.0 & Enhanced 5.1 | Region 1 | NR

Special Features:
•  Audio Commentary
•  Theatrical Trailer
•  Photo Gallery
•  Carry On Trivia
•  Audio Commentary with Jack Douglas


CARRY ON ABROAD – Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Bernard Bresslaw, Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Jimmy Logan,June Whitfield, Hattie Jacques, Derek Francis, Sally Geeson, Ray Brooks, Carol Hawkins

CARRY ON DICK – Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Bernard Bresslaw, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth, Jack Douglas, Patsy Rowlands,
Bill Maynard


Directed by

CARRY ON ABROAD – Gerald Thomas

CARRY ON DICK – Gerald Thomas


“Carry On Double Feature Vol. 7”

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