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Diana Dors Comedy Double Feature

Two of Diana Dors films featuring An Alligator Named Daisy and Value For Money

About This Film

AN ALLIGATOR NAMED DAISY – For songwriter Peter Weston (Donald Sinden), life is perfect. He is set to marry Vanessa Colebrook (Diana Dors), mink upholstered daughter of wealthy Sir James Colebrook(James Robertson Justice). With her of course, goes her share of her father’s millions. And Vanessa has priceless charms of her own to add to the bargain. Then Daisy, an affectionate alligator, waddles into Peter’s life. An unwanted gift, Peter is determined to rid himself of Daisy. His efforts are shunned by the zoo, pet shops and the police. When Peter decides to give Daisy a dip in the Channel, another beautiful female, Moira (Jean Carson), shames him into keeping her. You guessed it! Peter frolics his way between fiancée, family and alligators until love for the proper lady finds its way into his life! Loaded with a brilliant cast of supporting actors, this film is fun for the whole family!

1955 | 92 min | Color | 1.33:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital | Region 1 | NR

VALUE FOR MONEY – Chayley Broadbent (John Gregson) has inherited his father’s rag business, fortune and caution with money. This is to the annoyance of Ethel (Susan Stephen), his fiancée, who has refused to marry him until he learns how to enjoy himself. So that is what he decides to do. He travels to London with friends and attends a show. There he is captivated by a stunning, blonde dancer (Diana Dors) and proposes to her as well. She has the attitude that if a man is rich, say yes, if poor, say no. Chayley is left to decide how to impress her and, more importantly, if he really wants to. Watch closely for supporting actors Joan Hickson and Donald Pleasence doing what they do best!

1955 | 90 min | Color | 1.85:1/16×9 Anamorphic | Dolby Digital | Region 1 | NR

∗∗∗! … Funny little comedy…” – Leonard Maltin


AN ALLIGATOR NAMED DAISY – Donald Sinden, Diana Dors, Jean Carson, James Robertson Justice, Margaret Rutherford, Stanley Holloway, Ronald Culver

VALUE FOR MONEY – John Gregson, Diana Dors, Susan Stephen, Derek Farr, Duke Popplewell, Frank Pettingell, Charles Victor, Ernest Thesiger, Hal Osmond, Jill Adams, Joan Hickson, James Gregson, Donald Pleasence, John Glyn-Jones, Leslie Phillips, Ferdy Mayne, Charles Lloyd Pack

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“Diana Dors Comedy Double Feature”

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