Dick Tracy Complete Serial Collection

A special collection of all 4 action-packed serials produced by Republic Pictures, based on the famous cartoon strip by Chester Gould and featuring America’s favorite crime stopper!
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy Returns
Dick Tracy’s G-Men
Dick Tracy vs Crime, Inc.


About This Film

DICK TRACY – This was the initial entry of the Dick Tracy serials from Republic Pictures in 1937. In this super thriller, a clubfooted criminal known only as the Lame One masterminds a war on G-men.

1937 | 290 min | B&W | Optional English Subtitles | 1.37:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

DICK TRACY RETURNS – Pa Stark (Charles Middleton, Ming the Merciless of FLASH GORDON fame) and his five criminal sons are holding America in a grip of terror. It is up to Dick Tracy and his G-Men to bring the ruthless Starks to justice in a thrill-packed chapter play.

1938 | 254 min | B&W | 1.37:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

DICK TRACY’S G-MEN – Master spy Nicholas Zarnoff is sentenced to die in the gas chamber but cheats death and escapes. Dick Tracy is assigned the task of tracking down Zarnoff and bringing him to justice.

1939 | 263 min | B&W | 1.37:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

DICK TRACY VS CRIME INC – In this action-packed chapter play, Tracy battles the Ghost, a fiendish master criminal who has the ability to make himself invisible. One of the Ghost’s less savory ambitions is to wipe out New York City with a gigantic tidal wave.

1941 | 263 min | B&W | 1.37:1 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

Special Features:

  • New Special Video Introduction by Max Allan Collins (Writer of the Dick Tracy comic strip for 15 years after Chester Gould’s retirement)
  • Commentary by Max Allan Collins (plays during Chapter 1 &2)
  • Photo Gallery, “Dick Tracy in B-Flat” – a special Armed Forces radio program broadcast in 1945, featuring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and many others
  • Rare Episode from the 1950 TV Series


DICK TRACY – Ralph Byrd, Kay Hughes, Smiley Burnette, Lee Van Atta

DICK TRACY RETURNS – Ralph Byrd, Lynne Roberts, Charles Middleton

DICK TRACY’S G-MEN – Ralph Byrd, Phyllis Isley (Jennifer Jones), Irving Pichel

DICK TRACY VS CRIME INC – Ralph Byrd, Michael Owen, Jan Wiley, Ralph Morgan

Directed by

DICK TRACY – Ray Taylor and Alan James

DICK TRACY RETURNS – William Witney and John English

DICK TRACY’S G-MEN – William Witney and John English

DICK TRACY VS CRIME INC – William Witney and John English


“Dick Tracy Complete Serial Collection”

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