Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth

Kenneth More stars in this action-packed adaptation of the Jules Verne classic directed by Spanish horror maestro Juan Piquer Simon and featuring many of his cult actors! Victorian explorers plunge deep underground into a world filled with prehistoric creatures – and even stranger secrets!

About This Film

Also known as: Journey To The Center Of The Earth and Where Time Began

Hamburg: Professor Lidenbrock buys a manuscript from a strange old man, which describes a wonderful journey to the center of the earth. He shows it to his niece Glauben and her fiancé, Axel, and the three of them decide to start the voyage at once. In Iceland, Professor Fredrikson, and a guide, Hans, join the expedition. They soon find the entry of the earth’s center into an inactive volcano. But following an underground storm and earthquake, they fall in a deep crevice. While exploring their new surroundings, they meet a mysterious character who offers them help. In his company they discover wonderful things such as an underground sea, a forest of gigantic mushrooms, giant sea serpents, dinosaurs and a King Kong-type gorilla… They come upon a beautiful underground city, but their new guide then reveals his real motives and tries to kill them all in an explosion. An earthquake then starts, propelling the adventurers to the surface through a volcano… will they make their way back to Hamburg?  Filmed in Spain. 1975|90 min|Color|NR



Kenneth More, Pep Munne, Ivonne Sentis, Frank Brana, Jack Taylor 

Directed by

Juan Piquer Simon

“Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth”

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