New Loretta Young Show – Christine’s Children Series

The remarkable Hollywood actress, Loretta Young, plays a New York magazine writer trying to raise seven children. All twenty-six of the lost series episodes are included in this four DVD collection.

About This Film

Few celebrities have enjoyed the professional longevity of the Hollywood actress Loretta Young, whose remarkable career stretched over seven decades – beginning as a child extra during the Silent Era of motion pictures, attaining star status as a romantic leading lady during Hollywood’s Golden Age, and on into television as the host of her own popular dramatic series, The Loretta Young Show, on NBC. Following the long-running success of her NBC Dramatic Anthology series – the first Loretta Young Show – which ran for eight years, from 1953-1961, Miss Young switched networks to star in this series. Miss Young plays a New York magazine writer trying to raise seven children; James Philbrook played her boss, the magazine editor she eventually marries.

1962 | 676 min | B&W | 1.33:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

Special Features:

  • Trailers
  • Photo Gallery
  • An interview with Sandy Schrier (fashion expert on Loretta Young)

Interviews with some of the cast:

  • Celia Kaye (Milius)
  • Sandra Descher
  • Beverly Washburn
  • Special interview with Loretta Young’s 3 children.


Loretta Young, Celia Kaye, Sandra Descher, Dack Rambo, Kirk Rambo, Tracy Stafford, Carol Sydes, Beverly Washburn, Ted Knight, Clem Bevans, Richard Jury, Charles Robinson, Kitty Kelly, Dean Mitchell, James Philbrook, Neil Nephew, Jack Lester, Vance Meadows, Roger Til, Sheila James, Joyce Van Patten, Louise King, Allen Emerson, Kelly Harmon, Paul Crabtree, Peter Brooks, Stafford Repp, Norman Leavitt, Marjorie Chandler, Gene O’Donnell, Frances Mercer, Scott Elliott, Theodore Marcuse, Jane Kean, Cloris Leachman, Iggie Wolfington, Susan Oakes, Dal McKennon,  Virginia Rose, Charles Seel, Joe Lewis, David Macklin, Jon Hill, Betty Jane Herman, George Lindsay, Preston Hanson, Nancy Mallard, Diane Sayer, Helen Clark, Marlene Willis, Randy Rand, Leif Erickson, Regina Gleason, Camille Franklin, Victor Buono, Ila Britton, Peter Hansen, Ann Morrison, Barbara Drew, Hope Summers, Fern Barry, Wright King, Ray Montgomery, Sherry Marshall, Bill Gravenor, Edmund Hashim, Patrick Westwood

Directed by

Joe Pevney, Norman Foster and Paul Crabtree

“New Loretta Young Show – Christine’s Children Series”

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