One Step Beyond-Collection 1

Classic TV from the late 1950s to the early 1960s dealing with the supernatural and the fantastic.  John Newland introduces each week’s drama dealing with the unbelievable – all supposedly based on actual events! 2 Discs

About This Film

This fascinating anthology series, dealing with supernatural subject matter, debuted on the ABC network, January 20, 1959, and ran for a total of 96 half-hour episodes. John Newland directs and hosts each week’s drama dealing with ghosts, precognition, mental telepathy and other spooky supernatural occurrences — all supposedly based on actual events! Originally sponsored by Alcoa, the series was also titled “Alcoa Presents”. This special collection contains 12 complete episodes from season #2: Delusion (9/15/1959), Ordeal on Locust Street (9/22/1959), Brainwave (10/6/1959), Doomsday (10/13/1959), The Inheritance (10/27/1959), The Explorer (3/15/1960), The Clown (3/22/1960), Delia (5/3/1960), House of the Dead (6/7/1960), Tidal Wave (8/30/1960), Anniversary of A Murder (9/27/1960), To Know the End (11/1/1960).

1959-60 | 324 min | B&W | 1.33:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital | All Region | NR

Special Feature:

•   Previews


Susanne Pleshette, David White, George Grizzard, Torin Thatcher, Jan Miner, Gregory Morton, Eddie Firestone, Mickey Shaughnessy, Yvette Mimieux, Jean Allison, Dennis Patrick, Harry Townes

Directed by

John Newland

“One Step Beyond-Collection 1”

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