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Romeo and Juliet (1954)

Shakespeare’s timeless play brought to film in the telling of two star-crossed lovers from feuding families whose uncompromising love can not be halted even unto tragedy.

About This Film

A wonderful film translation of the magic of Shakespeare’s verse into the language of cinema. Shot on location in Italy, the film stars Laurence Harvey, beautiful “newcomer’ Susan Shantall and features the voice of John Gielgud as “the chorus”. In the renaissance city of Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets are two rival families carrying on a decades long feud. Love blossoms between Romeo and Juliet, each from one of the rival families sworn to hatred. With the help of Franciscan friar Laurence, an elaborate plan to repatriate the families through the secret marriage of their children turns the circumstances of Romeo and Juliet from unbridled love to tragedy.

1954 | 140 min | Color | Optional English Subtitles | 1.37:1/4×3 | Dolby Digital 2.0 & 5.1 | Region 1 | NR

Special Feature:
•  Photo Gallery

Award Winners:
1954 British Society of Cinematographers
∗ Best Cinematography Award (Robert Krasker)

1954 National Board of Review, USA
NBR Awards:
∗ Best Director (Renato Castellani)
∗ Best Foreign Film (UK/Italy)
∗ 1954 Venice Film Festival – Golden Lion (Renato Castellani)

Award Nominations:
1955 Bafta Film Awards:
∗ Best British Film
∗ Best British Screenplay (Renato Castellani)
∗ Best Film from any Source (Renato Castellani)

“∗∗∗” – Leonard Maltin


Laurence Harvey, Susan Shentall, Flora Robson, Norman Wooland, Mervyn Johns, Bill Travers, Sebastian Cabot and the voice of John Gielgud

Directed by

Renato Castellani

“Romeo and Juliet (1954)”

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