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Satan’s Cheerleaders [Blu-ray + DVD]

A satanic alter at the high school bodes ill will for the students. Bill, the janitor, decides he’s had enough of the cheerleader’s teasing. When he brings them to the alter, it’s not the chapel of love! When these girls raise hell… There’s the devil to pay!

About This Film

Video mastered from a new 2K scan from the original 35mm negative.
Benedict High School’s cheerleaders aren’t shy and sweet. The football team knows them well – and Billy, the school’s disturbed janitor, would like to. In the locker room, the girls shower and dress, unaware of the evil eyes which secretly watch them. They don’t know that a curse has been placed on their clothes. And they don’t know that their trip to the first big game of the season might sideline them for eternity. Funnier than “The Omen”…Scarier than “Silent Movie”

1976 | 92 min | Color | Optional English Subtitles: SDH | Region A | Rated R

Special Features:
•  Commentary track with the director, Greydon Clark
•  Commentary track with genre film director David DeCoteau (Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge) and film historian and journalist, David Del Valle
•  Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery


John Ireland, Yvonne DeCarlo, Jack Kruschen, John Carradine, Sydney Chaplin, Co-Starring “The Huskies”

Directed by

Greydon Clark

“Satan’s Cheerleaders [Blu-ray + DVD]”

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