Sea of Sand

A detachment of the British Long Range Desert Group must penetrate behind enemy lines in order to knock out a German fuel dump in North Africa and find a way to return to base under heavy combat pursuit.

About This Film

Gritty British action film following the operations of the Long Range Desert Group in North Africa during the height of WWII. The mission for the LRDG is to penetrate hundreds of miles behind the German lines and destroy a massive fuel dump. Lead by Captain Tim Cotton (Michael Craig) the small group of unorthodox commandos on the eve of a British counter attack, locate the enemy fuel dump and successfully destroy it. Inside the dump they discover that it is laden with enemy tanks they weren’t expecting. They have to report to command of their find. While escaping the dump they encounter heavy casualties and loss of equipment including the radio they desperately need to communicate their find. Now the group has to make their way back to headquarters while being pursued by the enemy. The desert, unbearable heat and constant combat test their determination to succeed. Cinematography captures brilliantly the range of endlessness the massive desert presents along with the human emotion that the Sea of Sand congers. Michael Craig was nominated by the British Film Awards for Best Actor.

Award Nominations
BAFTA Film Awards:
Best British Actor (Michael Craig)
Best British Film
Best Film from any Source


Richard Attenborough, Michael Craig, John Gregson, Vincent Ball, Percy Herbert, Barry Foster, Andrew Faulds, George Murcell, Ray McAnally, Harold Goodwin, Tony Thawnton, Wolf Frees, George Mikell

Directed by

Guy Green

“Sea of Sand”

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