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Tiara Tahiti

When suave Brett (James Mason) and “want-to-be just like him” Clifford (Sir John Mills) get together, it’s class envy and manipulation of personalities that sets the pace for this British comedy.

About This Film

Sir John Mills and James Mason star as two long-time rivals. Brett (James Mason) is the nephew of a wealthy uncle, and envied by Clifford Southey (Sir John Mills), a clerk for the firm. Brett’s cool and privileged demeanor make Southey constantly jealous, so when Brett is appointed to Southey’s regiment where he has been in charge for a long time, Southey is fearful of the effect this will have both on his authority and his self-esteem. Sure enough, Brett becomes an instant hit and undermines Southey’s control. When Southey discovers that Brett is indulging in a spot of black-market trading, he informs the authorities. Disgraced and ousted by his family, Brett sets off for Australia. Southey thinks he has won, but the rivalry is far from over.

1962 | 101 min | Color | 1.66:1/16×9 | Dolby Digital Mono & 5.1 Enhanced | Region 1 | NR

Special Feature:
•  Alternate Bikini Scene


James Mason, Sir John Mills, Claude Dauphin, Herbert Lom, Rosenda Monteros

Directed by

Ted Kotcheff

“Tiara Tahiti”

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