Western Double Feature: The Return of Wildfire + Last of the Wild Horses

Two action packed westerns together in one double feature: “The Return of Wildfire” and “Last of the Wild Horses”.

About This Film

The Return of Wildfire: While chasing a wild horse, “Wildfire,” Mary Beth Hughes is accidentally hurt and needs help from passing drifter Richard Arlen. This brings Arlen to the ranch of her father and leads to conflict with a crooked saloon owner with nefarious plans for the ranch’s excellent breeding stock. Complicating matters, “Wildfire” is plotting the escape of his fellow horses!

Last of the Wild Horses: On-location photography in Jacksonville, Oregon, is a high spot in the western adventure with B-cowboy great James Ellison as a wannabe stagecoach robber who unexpectedly turns hero instead.

Both in Glowing Sepia Tone!

169 minutes / 1948 / Not Rated / With English Subtitles (SDH)


The Return of Wildfire: Richard Arlen, Patricia Morison, Mary Beth Hughes;

Last of the Wild Horses: James Ellison, Mary Beth Hughes, Jane Frazee, Douglass Dumbrille

Directed by

The Return of Wildfire: Ray Taylor

Last of the Wild Horses: Robert L. Lippert

“Western Double Feature: The Return of Wildfire + Last of the Wild Horses”

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