In 1971 I founded Kit Parker Films as a 16mm non-theatrical film library, later expanding into 35mm theatrical distribution of major studio classics and specialty films.  In 1999 I saw my first DVD; amazed by the quality, I knew right away the days of film libraries were numbered.  Among other things, why would anyone want to carry around those cumbersome forty pound film cans when a DVD weighed only an ounce?   The next day I started the long process of closing down my film exchange.


It was a blessing in disguise, because it allowed me to concentrate fully on my passion of locating and restoring hard to find movies of all types, and I spent the next fifteen years acquiring and releasing them through VCI Entertainment.


VCI was, and is, a great company, but as with all DVD distributors, they, and I by extension, had to work with wholesalers and others whose best interests were with studios and high profile companies, to the detriment of smaller players.


Enter The Sprocket Vault.  By selling exclusively through Amazon the middlemen are eliminated allowing me to be in charge of quality control and customer service of my movies, and the other producers we represent.  Maybe the most important thing is it allows you, the consumer, easy access to correspond with me.  Drop me an email anytime.


I’d love to hear from you.

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