VCI and KPF are independent companies, but we are kindred spirits when it comes to loving movies, and that is why we created this informational website. Here’s how it came about:


In 1960, my friend Bill Blair formed United Films. I followed in the same path in 1971 with Kit Parker Films. We distributed 16mm films to non-theatrical users in the years before home video came along.


Our companies began working together on projects in 1973, and have done so off and on for over four decades.


VCI Entertainment morphed out of the old United Films in 1976, was the first producer of direct-to-video features, and is now the oldest independent home video label still in operation. Bill passed away in 2006, but the company continues to prosper under the guidance of his son, Bob.


Although I worked on various projects for release on network television and VHS, my focus continued to be film until 2001 when I could no longer ignore the digital writing on the wall. It was a natural progression for VCI to become KPF’s distributor. In 2015, we created The Sprocket Vault as our joint online sales entity selling exclusively through Amazon.


However, in 2017 we decided to turn over the distribution of our respective libraries to Music Video Distributors (MVD). MVD is now the exclusive supplier of the VCI and KPF libraries to Amazon and other web or mail order based retailers.


I’m always approachable, so feel free to contact me by clicking on “Contact.”


Best wishes,
Kit Parker