Forgotten Noir Collector’s Set Vol. #2

Six movies/3 DVDs –

  • The Man From Cairo
  • Mask of the Dragon
  • F.B.I. Girl
  • Tough Assignment
  • I’ll Get You
  • Fingerprints Don’t Lie 


About This Book

6 movies/3 DVDs

THE MAN FROM CAIRO – Tough-guy Raft investigates the wartime theft of $100 million in gold hidden somewhere in the Algerian desert. Solid film noir with action, adventure and…Irene Papas in a tub! 1953|81 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

MASK OF THE DRAGON – An American soldier in Korea agrees to deliver a jade dragon to a curio shop in Los Angeles. Soon after his return to the States, he is murdered in this tale of intrigue and mystery produced on a dime store budget! 1951|55 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

F.B.I. GIRL – A governor hires Raymond Burr to steal a file from  the FBI that has fingerprint evidence proving he previously was a wanted criminal. Agent Cesar Romero is hot on the case. 1952|74 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

TOUGH ASSIGNMENT – A newspaper reporter pursues a modern-day rustling gang whose truck driving “cowboys” are far more dangerous than their horse riding counterparts.   1949|66 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

I’LL GET YOU – An F.B.I. agent illegally enters England following the disappearance of several noted atomic scientists. He promptly “disappears” himself and is dogged by trouble and the Scotland Yard.  1953|79 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

FINGERPRINTS DON’T LIE – The identity of the murderer of a town’s mayor is decided by fingerprints on the weapon…case closed. But is it? A reporter sets out to prove otherwise. 1951|56 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

SPECIAL FEATURES:  FBI GIRL Commentary by Alan K. Rode; GEORGE RAFT BIOGRAPHY by Stone Wallace; SID MELTON VIDEO BIOGRAPHY by Joel Blumberg; DON “Red” BARRY VIDEO BIOGRAPHY by Joel Blumberg, plus trailers, biographies, advertising galleries, and more.   415 minutes B&W 1.33:1 NR

“Forgotten Noir Collector’s Set Vol. #2”

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