Hammer Noir Vol. 5 – The Glass Tomb/Paid to Kill

The Glass Tomb (The Glass Cage) – Honor Blackman, Goldfinger’s perfidious “Pussy Galore,” co-stars in this Hammer Films murder drama. Booking sensational acts for sleazy carnivals, John Ireland gets mixed up with a bookmaker, a blackmailer, a poisoner and, his newest sideshow attraction “The Fasting Man'” a chap who goes without food while publicly displayed in a glass cage.

PAID TO KILL – A man’s business deal fails and to provide for his “adoring” wife, he hires his best friend to kill him so his wife can collect on his insurance. The business deal comes through at the last minute, but he finds he can’t call off the murder. His treacherous double-crossing wife has different ideas! First time on video.