Hammer Noir Collector’s Set #2

8 movies/4 DVDs

  • Terror Street
  • Wings of Danger
  • Paid To Kill
  • The Glass Tomb
  • The Black Glove
  • The Deadly Game
  • The Unholy Four
  • A Race For Life

About This Film

TERROR STREET (36 Hours) – U.S. Air Force pilot Dan Duryea becomes a logical suspect after his English wife is shot and killed in her apartment. With only 36 hours to find the real murderer and clear himself before he must reporting for flight duty, Duryea doggedly sets out to learn the secret of Terror Street. 1953|84 min|B&W|1.33:1|NR

WINGS OF DANGER (Dead on Course): A former pilot suffering from blackouts discovers that a fellow flyer is suspected of being mixed up with a web of smugglers.  While searching for his missing buddy, he unwittingly becomes entangled in a morass of suspicion.  1952|73 min|B&W|1.33:1|NR

THE GLASS TOMB (The Glass Cage): A circus barker stages a sensational new act, the world’s longest fast undertaken by “Sapolio”, on view in a glass cage. But this act also results in several murders, a kidnapping, and a poisoning! 1955|59 min|B&W|1.66:1 (widescreen)|NR

PAID TO KILL (Five Days): A man’s business deal fails and to provide for his “adoring” wife, he hires his best friend to kill him so his wife can collect on his insurance.  The business deal comes through at the last minute but he finds he can’t call off the murder.  His treacherous double-crossing wife has different ideas!  1954|71 min|B&W|1.66:1 (widescreen)|NR

THE BLACK GLOVE (Face the Music): A famed trumpet player is suspected of murdering a blues singer. Using only two minor clues, he narrows the suspects down to four people, but only after surviving poison placed on the mouthpiece of his trumpet! 1953|84 min|B&W|1.33:1 (widescreen)|NR

THE DEADLY GAME (Third Party Risk): Vacationing at a resort hotel in Spain, a man discovers he is the only one not mixed up one way or the other in murder, drugs and microfilm smuggling. But, the police are after him!  1954|64 min|B&W|1.66:1 (widescreen)|NR

THE UNHOLY FOUR (The Stranger Came Home): Someone knocked out a man and left him for dead during a fishing trip in Portugal. That someone is either his fetching wife, or two business partners, all sporting guilty faces after his unexpected return. Two more murders and a frame-up befall the quartet before an inspector closes the case. 1954|80 min|B&W|1.66:1 (widescreen)|NR

A RACE FOR LIFE (Mask of Dust): An idol of auto-racing fans attempts a comeback after serving in the Air Force. When his former rival lies dying in the hospital he must decide whether to continue in the Grand Prix, or make peace with his adversary. Featuring race car greats Stirling Moss, Reg Parnell, John Cooper, Alan Brown, Geoffrey Taylor and Leslie Marr. 1954|69 min|B&W|1.33:1|NR

SPECIAL FEATURES: The Glass Tomb Commentary by Richard Roberts, Commentaries on Terror Street, Dan Duryea and Steve Fisher, by Alan K. Rode; Audio Interview with Producer Richard Gordon and Tom Weaver; Trailers; Bios



TERROR STREET: Dan Duryea, Elsy Albin, Ann Gudrun, Eric Pohlmann

WINGS OF DANGER: Zachary Scott, Robert Beatty, Kay Kendall, Naomi Chance, Arthur Lane

PAID TO KILL: Dane Clark, Paul Carpenter, Thea Gregory, Cecile Chevreau GLASS TOMB: John Ireland, Honor Blackman, Geoffrey Keen, Eric Pohlman, Sid James

THE BLACK GLOVE: Alex Nicol, Eleanor Summerfield, John Salew, Paul Carpenter, Geoffrey Keen

THE DEADLY GAME: Lloyd Bridges, Simone Silva, Finlay Currie, Maureen Swanson, Ferdy Mayne

THE UNHOLY FOUR: Paulette Goddard, William Sylvester, Patrick Holt, Paul Carpenter

A RACE FOR LIFE: Richard Conte, Mari Aldon, Peter Illing, Alec Mango

Directed by

TERROR STREET: Montgomery Tully

WINGS OF DANGER: Terence Fisher

PAID TO KILL: Montgomery Tully

THE GLASS TOMB: Montgomery Tully


THE DEADLY GAME: Terence Fisher

THE UNHOLY FOUR: Terence Fisher

A RACE FOR LIFE: Terence Fisher

“Hammer Noir Collector’s Set #2”

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