Apache Chief/Bandit Queen – Western Double Feature

Apache Chief –  Wounded in an attack on white settlers, a dying Apache chief begs his son Black Wolf (Russell Hayden) to follow in his moccasin-steps and continue striking against the white man. Young Eagle (Alan Curtis), a tribesmen who wants the Apaches to live in peace, and a cavalry lieutenant (Tom Neal) have their hands full contending with Black Wolf and his followers.

The Bandit Queen – In the gold-rich California of the mid-1800s, native Spaniards are preyed upon by ruthless men taking advantage of unjust laws. Vowing to avenge her parents’ murder, Barbara Britton becomes a Robin Hood of the badlands, returning stolen gold to its rightful owners. Philip Reed co-stars as a SECOND masked raider, equally determined to bring justice to the Sierras.