The Great Jesse James Raid

Returning to his lawless ways, Jesse James (Willard Parker) becomes involved in a plot to rob a Colorado gold mine. But with no honor among the thieves (Parker, Jim Bannon, Tom Neal and Wallace Ford), soon the polecats are fighting (and killing) among themselves. Notorious cult actress Barbara Payton appears, and sings, as Bannon’s girl.

About This Book

Jesse James (Willard Parker), retired and living under a different name in St. Joseph, Missouri, agrees over the protests of his wife Zee (Barbara Woodell) to join Bob Ford (Jim Bannon) and Sam Wells (Richard Cutting) in a Colorado gold raid. Jesse rounds up gunman Arch Clements (Tom Neal) and demolition expert Elias Hobbs (Wallace Ford). They rendezvous at Ford’s saloon in Creede, Colorado, where Ford’s girlfriend Kate (Barbara Payton) joins the gang. Sam guesses Ford’s plan to double-cross Jesse to collect a reward so, Ford kills him.  1954|Color|73 min.|1.37:1|NR

“The Great Jesse James Raid”

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