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Charley Chase: At Hal Roach: The Talkies Volume Two 1932-33 [Avail. 7/16/19]

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Charley Chase returns in Volume Two of his 17 classic Hal Roach talkie comedies from the years 1932-1933.  Lots of great laughs in a transition period for both the comedian and Hal Roach’s Lot of Fun.  Special Features: Commentary by Richard M Roberts; “Una cana al aire” (4-reel Spanish version of 1930’s “Looser than Loose”); and Poster and Still Gallery

About This Book

Charley Chase returns in Volume Two of his classic Hal Roach talkie comedies from the years 1932-1933.  This was a period of transition for both the comedian and the Lot of Fun as Charley says farewell to the lovely Thelma Todd (returning for an appearance in “The Nickel Nurser”),  experiments with science-fiction (“Now We’ll Tell One”) and surrealism (“Nature in the Wrong”) and introduces his new main leading lady, the lovely Muriel Evans.

Lots of great laughs as Charley Chase is ably supported by the stalwart Hal Roach Stock Company of Comedy Players: Billy Gilbert, James Finlayson, James C. Morton, Dell Henderson, Jimmie Adams, and Gale Henry.

1932: “The Tabasco Kid,” “The Nickel Nurser,” “In Walked Charley,” “First in War,” “Young Ironsides,” “Girl Grief,” “Now We’ll Tell One,” and “Mr. Bride”

1933: “Fallen Arches,” “Nature in The Wrong,” “His Silent Racket,” “Arabian Tights,” “Sherman Said It,” “Midsummer Mush,” and “Luncheon at Twelve.”

Special Features –

Una cana al aire (4-reel Spanish version of ‘Looser than Loose’)

Commentaries by Richard M Roberts

Poster and Stills Gallery

Approx. 380 minutes | B&W | 1.37:1 | Optional English subtitles

  1. Graham

    Glad these great Hal Roach comedies are released. I’ve you love Laurel & Hardy, sure you like Charley Chase. Keep on releasing these great movies.

  2. Tom H.

    I really enjoyed your first two Charley Chase Hal Roach collections. Wonderful prints. Will there be a third one?

  3. Peter Mikkelsen

    Wonderfull selection of classic Chase comedies. The Spanish version of ‘Looser than Loose’ is a special treat. Let us have some more, and please also release “Never the Dames Shall Meet” and the other hidden larte silents, please!