Drive-In Grindhouse Collection

4 movies/2 DVDs

THE FARMER’S OTHER DAUGHTER: Salesman Jim Huckleberry (William Michael) isn’t much interested in agriculture until he meets farmer’s daughter June (Judy Pennebaker), which greatly increases his willingness to engage in a bit of plowing.

LIKE IT IS (Psychedelic Fever): The generation that went to pot is profiled in this kaleidoscope of ‘60s drug culture! It’s a cross between a serious documentary and drive-in exploitation.

UP YOURS – A Rockin’ Comedy: Story – it has one? Well, it’s supposed to be an erotic comedy smorgasbord of blackout gags inspired by goings on by the wacky tenants of an apartment hotel.

SUMMER SCHOOL (Mag Wheels): Cut-rate “If this vans rockin’, don’t bother knockin’” classic for teensploitation schlockophiles.

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