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Jungle Girl and the Slaver:  Liane, a legendary white girl, lives in the jungle (a female Tarzan wannabe with conch shell-covered breasts) who somehow is the key to bringing “primitive” tribes together in a united front against slave traders.

Wild Women of Wongo: The island of Wongo is inhabited by beautiful women, but the men are ugly brutes! On the island of Goona, it’s just the opposite – the men handsome and the women are hags! When the two islands meet – the Wongo women are ready to go capture some mates!



The Crawling Hand: A manned rocket returning from the Moon is invaded by an alien life force that possesses the astronaut, maintains control of his disembodied hand after a California beach crash-landing, and then imposes its will on a local medical student.

The Slime People: “Golden Turkey” fans, attention! It’s a veritable voyage to the bottom of the sci-fi barrel as prehistoric “Slime People” emerge from the sewers of Los Angeles! The atom-age U.S. army is no match for this small band of spear-toting boogeymen and the city is evacuated.

Monster From the Ocean Floor:  Hollywood’s legendary maverick Roger Corman made his monster-movie debut as producer of this ultra-low-budget, eerie fright flick. “A well-done quickie”–Variety

Serpent Island:  The jungles are echoing with the sound of voodoo drums, the locals are licking their native chops and there are ‘snakes on a plane’-o-plenty! Packed with flubs, stock footage–and Sonny Tufts. If laughter were food, this would be a full-course meal for Worst Films connoisseurs!

The Bride and the Beast –  is a supernatural drama of terror and scientific fiction produced and directed by Adrian Weiss. The script was written by none other than Edward D. Wood Jr.  It’s revealed through hypnosis that a woman was Queen of the Gorillas in a previous incarnation.

WHITE GORILLA – A white gorilla is snubbed by black gorillas because he is the wrong color. Cut off from his tribe he becomes lonely and angry. After troubling hunters and natives, the white gorilla fights the king of the black gorillas while we are told by a narrator that the fate of Africa hangs in the balance.

Lots of Added Special Features

Jerry Warren not only produced bad movies, he bought them from others.  Here are two prime examples, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Violent and The Damned: When chain gang prisoners attack their guards, some of the hardened criminals escape Brazil’s infamous Anchieta prison amidst all the pick-ax carnage.

No Time To Kill: After eight years in prison on a trumped up charge a man plans to kill the elusive man who framed him.


Cut-rate “If this vans rockin’, don’t bother knockin’” classic for teensploitation schlockophiles. It’s all here: jocks, boogie boardin’, a candy ass doofus, and plenty of shag van vs. four wheelin’ gangs with elevated hormones. The “acting” makes “Police Academy” seem like “Becket” in comparison, and everything else is bottom of the barrel, too. With lines like “I’m Rachel, fly me,” you can’t miss. So what if Ms. Magazine won’t give it any awards?


Mermaids of Tiburon – Director’s Cut:  Fantasy about mermaids (bare-chested Gaby Martone, Diane Webber, among others) who assist…and distract…a young scientist in his quest for sunken treasure, complete with Timothy Carey at his menacing best.

Yambaó: Supernatural thriller about a beautiful witch’s arrival at a Mexican village that unfortunately coincides with a plague.


Mondo Keyhole: A serial rapist relishes his attacks on women, but are they only fantasy, real though they may seem?  A debauched classic of the “rougie” genre, complete with S&M fantasies that probably won’t win any awards from “Ms Magazine.”

The Raw Ones: In 1967, the Supreme Court upheld that nudity in and of itself is not obscene. This resulted in a spate of nudist camp “documentaries,” of which this was a blockbuster.

DELINQUENT SCHOOLGIRLS: Our protagonists in this K-Mart budgeted cult film are escapees from an insane asylum!  One is an ex-baseball player turned rapist, another is gay, and the ringleader is a low-rent impressionist.  When they stumble upon an all-girls school, antisocial behavior with these siliconed “students” ensues, but with a twist — the busty babes know karate!

DREAM NO EVIL: A deranged young woman searches for her non-existent father, when “Daddy” comes to life on a morgue galley he scalpels his mortician to death!


6 movies/3 DVDs

  • Delinquent Schoolgirls
  • Mermaids of Tiburon – Director’s Cut
  • Dream No Evil
  • Mondo Keyhole
  • The Raw Ones
  • Yambao (Cry of the Bewitched)
  • Plus: Many Special Features



Cuban Rebel Girls: High on “Worst Films” lists but low on the résumé of legendary swashbuckler Errol Flynn, this no-budget semi-documentary.

Untamed Women: Cult rites, a hostile tribe of Neanderthal men and mucho giant-lizard footage from One Million B.C. put this near the top of the list of “island of lost women” disaster pieces.

Sins of Jezebel: In 9th Century, B.C., in the city of Jezreel, the prophet Elijah warns Ahab, the King of Israel, against marrying Jezebel the beautiful but evil Phoenician. A series of biblical disasters befall everyone who crosses the path with one of the Old Testament’s original sinners!

Queen of the Amazons: A woman searches the Amazon jungle for her missing fiancé. The problem is not that she finds her husband alive and well, but that he has fallen in love with “Zeeda,” the Amazon Queen! Transferred from the original British release 35mm nitrate negative.



KING DINOSAUR: Atomic Age and Stone Age collide when a new planet appears in our solar system, within sight of Earth, prompting a two-man, two-woman rocket flight that finds giant animals and reptiles, some reminiscent of our planet’s prehistoric monsters.

THE JUNGLE: Location filming in India’s rugged terrain is a highlight of this combination jungle adventure/sci-fi with Marie Windsor as the daughter of an ailing maharajah, setting out with Sikh advisor Cesar Romero and American hunter Rod Cameron to investigate the destruction of some remote villages–and encountering herds of wild elephants and prehistoric mammoths!

House of the Black Death: Warlock and his brother battle for dominion over the creepy House of Desard

Attack of the Mayan Mummy:  A young woman who describes a previous incarnation among the ancient Mayans.

Creature of the Walking Dead:  The blood of a kidnapped girl is used to resurrect a man.

Man Beast:  Himalayan climbing expedition are led into the mountainous lair of the ape-like Yeti.

Wild World of Batwoman: Holy rip-off, a way-out tale of Batwoman.

Curse of the Stone Hand:  A twin-pack of south-of-the-border shudders!


4 movies/2 DVDs

THE FARMER’S OTHER DAUGHTER: Salesman Jim Huckleberry (William Michael) isn’t much interested in agriculture until he meets farmer’s daughter June (Judy Pennebaker), which greatly increases his willingness to engage in a bit of plowing.

LIKE IT IS (Psychedelic Fever): The generation that went to pot is profiled in this kaleidoscope of ‘60s drug culture! It’s a cross between a serious documentary and drive-in exploitation.

UP YOURS – A Rockin’ Comedy: Story – it has one? Well, it’s supposed to be an erotic comedy smorgasbord of blackout gags inspired by goings on by the wacky tenants of an apartment hotel.

SUMMER SCHOOL (Mag Wheels): Cut-rate “If this vans rockin’, don’t bother knockin’” classic for teensploitation schlockophiles.


Crime & Thrillers

Euro-Trash Triple Feature

I’ll See You in Hell – Walter and Al are not only jewel thieves and killers, they’re also good at math! While hiding in a swamp from authorities, they conclude that a two-way split beats a three-way as they watch their partner-in-crime, Sam, disappear into quicksand. But is he really dead?

Passport for a Corpse  – The sole-surviving member of a payroll heist gang, Marco attempts to escape into France on foot–until he happens upon an unattended hearse and takes the dear departed’s place in the coffin. But his luck remains par for the corpse!

Death on the Fourposter – A group of swinging young singles are living la dolce vita until their weekend excursion to a countryside castle (complete with spooky housekeeper and secret passageways), where fun and games are set aside in favor of a séance and other weird goings-on.



Euro-Trash Double Feature

THE NYLON NOOSE Stockbrokers get necks broken in an Edgar Wallace Krimi-style crime thriller complete with old-dark-house setting, fiendish serial killer and intrepid Scotland Yard sleuth. A shadow-strewn mansion is the backdrop for macabre melodrama with blackmail leading to murder, plus a hulking man-monster haunts the dank caves below the house!

ESCAPE FROM SAHARA  – It’s a nightmare at 20,000 feet when three French Foreign Legion paratroopers decide to desert, and force their plane’s pilot to take them to Spain. There are run-ins with military patrols, a trip on a merchant ship–and romance–until the deserters find themselves in the country they fear more than any other–France!




Dinah East

In 1950s Hollywood, a transvestite fools the world into believing he is a she – a glamorous movie diva.  When he dies, the secret is out, and the film proceeds to tell this story of his relationships with friends and intimates, including a lesbian wardrobe designer, a gay matinee idol (whom he has an affair with), a protective lawyer and a washed up prize fighter who becomes her chauffeur!