Great Jesse James Raid and Legendary Outlaws


6 movies/3 DVDs

  • The Great Jesse James Raid
  • Renegade Girl
  • Return of Jesse James
  • Gunfire
  • The Dalton Gang
  • I Shot Billy the Kid
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6 movies/3 DVDs

THE GREAT JESSE JAMES RAID: Jesse James (Willard Parker), retired and living under a different name in St. Joseph, Missouri, agrees over the protests of his wife Zee (Barbara Woodell) to join Bob Ford (Jim Bannon) and Sam Wells (Richard Cutting) in a Colorado gold raid. Jesse rounds up gunman Arch Clements (Tom Neal) and demolition expert Elias Hobbs (Wallace Ford). They rendezvous at Ford’s saloon in Creede, Colorado, where Ford’s girlfriend Kate (Barbara Payton) joins the gang. Sam guesses Ford’s plan to double-cross Jesse to collect a reward so, Ford kills him.  1954|73 min.|Color:1.37:1|NR

RENEGADE GIRL: Jean Shelby (Ann Savage), is a member of a family of Confederate sympathizers in Missouri during the Civil War.  The family has been providing valuable information about the Union Army to Confederate Raiders, so the Union is trying to capture the Shelby Family, with the help of an outcast Indian who has his own grudge against the Shelby’s.  1946|66 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

RETURN OF JESSE JAMES: Johnny is a spitting image of the real Jesse, unfortunately for him; he is mistaken for him by a grizzled old member of the now deceased James gang. Johnny is convinced into leading a new gang to rob banks using the same infamous method as the famed outlaw. Jesse’s brother Frank decides to put a stop to the defamation of his dead brother’s name. Johnny and his gang run into trouble when they try to rob the same two banks, simultaneously; which gang will come out alive? 1950|77 min.|B&W:1.33:1:NR

GUNFIRE: Bank, train and stagecoach heists, plus plenty of ridin’ and shootin’, pepper this sagebrush saga of a reorganized Jesse James gang, now under the leadership of a man (Donald Barry) impersonating Jesse’s brother Frank James, terrorizing the Old West. Can sheriff Robert Lowery pierce Barry’s disguise and put the renegades behind bars? 1950|59 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

THE DALTON GANG: Deputy Marshal West (Don Barry) arrives in Rincon to investigate the murders of several ranchers. Blackie Mullet (Robert Lowery), the leader of a gang working for the local land-and-water company; tries to convince Marshal West that Indians are responsible for the killings, while West’s old friend newspaper editor Amos Boling (Byron Foulger) and his assistant Polly Medford (Julie Adams) tell him they suspect that Blackie is actually head of the infamous Dalton gang.  1949|60 min.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

I SHOT BILLY THE KID: Western history buffs will recall that Billy the kid was gunned down by his friendly enemy Pat Garrett. In this story, Garrett is played by Robert Lowery, while the larger part of Billy is essayed by Don Barry. The story recounts Garrett and Billy’s explosive relationship, and the events leading up to their final, fatal confrontation.  1951|62 mins.|B&W|1.33:1|NR

SPECIAL FEATURES:  Audio Interview with Producer Robert L Lippert Jr.; Bio of producer Robert L Lippert Jr.;  Bios; Trailers; Photo Gallery and more

“Great Jesse James Raid and Legendary Outlaws”

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