Euro-Trash Triple Feature

I’ll See You in Hell – Walter and Al are not only jewel thieves and killers, they’re also good at math! While hiding in a swamp from authorities, they conclude that a two-way split beats a three-way as they watch their partner-in-crime, Sam, disappear into quicksand. But is he really dead?

Passport for a Corpse  – The sole-surviving member of a payroll heist gang, Marco attempts to escape into France on foot–until he happens upon an unattended hearse and takes the dear departed’s place in the coffin. But his luck remains par for the corpse!

Death on the Fourposter – A group of swinging young singles are living la dolce vita until their weekend excursion to a countryside castle (complete with spooky housekeeper and secret passageways), where fun and games are set aside in favor of a séance and other weird goings-on.